Winter Is Here… Time To Throw On That Thick Knit Scarf

The sun is becoming scarce, leaves have all dropped and the morning wind is getting colder. In other words, Winter is here.

As sad as it is to see Summer behind us the colder temperature does provide us with the wonderful opportunity of layering up and getting our fashionable coats, scarves and hats out of the closet. An integral part of anyone’s autumn outfit is a thick scarf to keep you warm.

The new London based fashion label, Bon Vivant, boasts a gorgeous purple thick knit scarf in their 2014 launch collection. It comes in a limited edition of 50 and, as with all of Bon Vivant‘s products, was designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

The limited edition designer scarf is currently on SALE for 20% Off at using the discount code ‘scarf’.




Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant creates smart casual attire and accessories for the well-dressed man, who embodies the French term “un bon vivant”, which is defined as “a man with refined taste who devotes himself to a sociable and luxurious lifestyle”.

One of the principle aims of the brand is to embrace, inspire and encourage the young design talent found within the United Kingdom. Therefore all designers involved in the development of each product are recent graduates from leading fashion and arts universities in the country.

Furthermore, each one of the items is produced in a limited edition to ensure the exclusivity of each piece and is manufacture entirely in the United Kingdom to ensure the highest standard of quality for our garments.

The limited edition designer scarf is currently on SALE for 20% Off at using the discount code ‘SCARF’. 

Alexander Bon Vivant

Author: Alexander Bon Vivant

Alexander is the man behind and Owner & Creative Director at Bon Vivant - Menswear & Accessories. His interests lie in music, art, fashion, entrepreneurship and all finer things in life. Alex lives in London. You can tweet him at @AlexBonVivant

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