Chez Elles Bistroquet | Cuisine Française In Trendy East London

On East London’s Brick Lane, a street that is mainly known for its Sunday market and its curry houses, you will find the bistroquet Chez Elles, an oasis of ‘cuisine française’.


I came across this charming French restaurant while walking down Brick Lane and I was in for a treat. Stepping into Chez Elles I was promptly greeted, in French, by one of the beautiful and charming female owners. I have to admit I was a little thrown off at first because I have never walked into a restaurant in London where I was talked to in a foreign language, but since I have lived in France for several years I was able to communicate with her.

The menu boasts culinary classics which you would otherwise find at traditional french restaurants in Paris or on the Cote d’Azur such as foie gras, escargots, tartare de boeuf and moules et des frites. The quality of food is exceptional and so is their selection of wines.

The ambiance inside Chez Elles is about as ‘francais’ as it can get. French music is playing in the background while the decor, after a glass or two of wine, will make you believe you are sitting in a bistro on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

I have been to this restaurant with family, friends and even on a date or two. I recommend Chez Elles for a quick glass of wine and an entrée after work as much as I would for a full three course meal with your special someone.

Chez Elles is situated on 45 Brick Lane London E1 6PU. For reservations call 020 7247 9699. I promise you will enjoy your time there.

Alexander Bon Vivant

Author: Alexander Bon Vivant

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